On April 28, 2018, I was nominated by the Libertarian Party to run for House District 46.  It is humbling, and I am honored to bear the torch for this District.  I will work hard for the benefit of the people.  I do not accept that the legal fiction of corporate personhood has a place equal to as our living breathing human  voters in the matter of elections.*

As your representative I will work to:

  • Fight for transparency in state government and for our beloved community.
  • Defend our liberties.
  • Promote fiscal conservatism.  Protect working people and small business.
  • Work for clean air, water, and land.
  • Accept the will of the people as specifically voted on  ballot Initiatives.

*I graduated from the University of Utah Law School.  Where I not only learned the whole phrase “legal fiction of corporate personhood” but also the concept of “carving out a safe haven” where it was appropriate for a generally useful legal concept like “corporate personhood” to be determined inappropriate in specific situations:  voting and elections should be such a safe haven for human citizens on the principle of “one person, one vote.”   It is that simple to save our rule of law from the corrupting influence of huge amounts of money.  I pledge to support a constitutional amendment to that effect, and challenge all candidates to the state and federal legislatures to take this pledge.  Call it the Libertarian Pledge?